Wanna Learn To Sing Better?

Adjust Your Breathing and Posture To Sing Better

   Last week I spoke to an old friend that I hadn’t talked to in over two years.

         His name is Aaron, and he runs a website all about singing, called How To Sing.com

 The last time Aaron and I had talked, he was just getting started with his singing career by taking singing lessons from a singer in a local cover band.

When we spoke last week, he told me his singing ability had completely changed over the past two years, and he was consistently receiving standing ovations anytime his band played. The funny thing was, the only thing he had really changed in his singing was two small tweaks that he had learned from Gus, his singing instructor. These two tweaks allowed him to sing better than ever before.

When I asked what these tweaks were, he said two things: his breathing, and his posture.

Let me explain what he taught me:


Your breathing during singing is different than normal everyday breathing. When we breathe normal everyday, we inhale and exhale raising and lowering our chest, and often our shoulders even move. This is because we are breathing with our chest and not our stomach. This chest breathing is often caused by poor habits we learn while growing up.

Have you ever watched a tiny baby breath? A baby’s chest will remain stationary while inhaling, but it’s stomach will expand to full capacity. Then it will exhale all of the air out using its belly.

Using your stomach to breath causes you to intake more air, which lets you project your voice with power and sing better. This technique is often termed “Singing from your diaphragm.” This is the type of breathing we want to begin to use again when working on our singing. If your looking to sing better and keep your pitch, then you must adopt this way of breathing.



There’s one thing about your posture that will have a HUGE impact on your singing ability. Tension.

Tension in your neck, back, and shoulders will restrict the amount of air you are able to intake, causing strain on your throat and voice. When your shoulders hunch, your lungs aren’t able to hold as much air.

What’s the best fix for this? To simply pay attention to your posture. Take the time to tell yourself to release any tension in your neck, shoulders, or back before you start to sing. Relaxed muscles are a large component to singing better!


2 Exercises To Develop Proper Breathing & Posture


Exercise for Improving Diaphragm Breathing –

This is a great exercise to help you create the habit of engaging your diaphragm when you sing. This exercise will also help with

– catching a quick breath in the middle of singing a verse

– sing with better pitch

– reduce vocal fatigue

– sing with far more power

Here’s the Exercise

The idea of this exercise is to really engage your diaphragm and push your exhale breath out powerfully. What you want to do is take a short breath in, and exhale powerfully with your diaphragm letting out as much air as possible.  Aaron explained this exercise to me by comparing it to a dog panting after he has been running. Think for a moment how dogs pant, short breaths in, powerful breaths out. This is exactly what you want to image while you do this exercise.

You want to do this exercise for about 15 seconds, 2-3 times. Practicing this “panting” exercise once in the morning, and once at night will quickly increase your ability to sing with more power!


Exercise for Improving Posture –

This exercise is designed to help you stand straight up, and let go of any tension in your body. It teaches you to hold your head back, and allow you to breathe properly. Here’s the Exercise Find a wall somewhere in your home that is tall enough for you to stand up against. Place your back up against the wall, and make sure your heels, butt, and head are all up against the wall as well. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then walk forward without changing this posture. This helps you get a sense of what proper posture feels like. Your arms should be comfortably hanging at your sides. Notice how relaxed you feel. You want to do this exercise one a day for a few weeks. Soon you will become aware when your body is not in correct posture and will be able to remind yourself to correct it.  

What To Do Next

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